St John The Evangelist
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The Vicarage
Bathwell Lane
Milborne Port
St John The Evangelist
T:01963 250248

Vicar: Revd Sarah Godfrey, Rector.  Tel: 01963 250248


Mrs P.E.N Elliott Tel: 01963 250353
Mr J.M Perkins Tel: 01963 251038


Mrs Nicki Edwards, Osborne House, Station Road  Tel  01963 251505
Mrs Jacquie Hall.      Tel: 01963 250328

Other Useful Church Contacts:

Organist:  Mrs Rachel Willetts Tel: 01935 813958
Vergers:  Mr & Mrs R. Goodman, St John's Cottage Tel: 01963 250964
Magazine Editor: Mrs J Mortimore, Cutters Cottage, Glovers Close, Milborne Port.  Tel:  01963 250198
Magazine Advertising:
Mr & Mrs Gardner, Stonecrop, 80 Church Street Tel: 01963 250444
Church House Bookings: Mrs Vilya Scott, 42 The Meads  Tel:  01963 250509
Tower Capt. & Sec: Mr & Mrs D. Wales, 7 Victoria Terrace Tel: 01963 250660
Stewardship Rec: Mr A Gardner Tel: 01963 250444
PCC Secretary: Mrs Jacquie Hall  Tel:  01963 250328

Church Treasurer: Mr Robert Hall. Tel: 01963 250328
Church House Treasurer: 
  Mrs Anne Briggs  Tel:  01963 251000
Parish Secretary:
Mrs V Scott, Church Ho.Office Tue am & Thu pm Tel: 01963 250326
for Church House Bookings.

BCP = Book of Common Prayer; CW1 = Common Worship 1;
Matins and Evensong on Sunday are normally BCP


Change to Service Times - Milborne Port

Please note the timings of services are at 8.00 am Communion service will be on the second and fourth Sundays in the month.

The 10.30 am Family Communion will be on the third Sunday and Matins on the fourth Sunday.    

Morning Prayer will be said at 9.00 am in the Gethsemane Chapel each weekday except Wednesday 10.30am. 


Sunday 18th – First Sunday after Trinity
9.15am Holy Communion              Charlton Horethorne
10.30am Family Communion 
6.00pm Evensong                         Goathill

Wednesday 21st
10.30am Midweek Communion 

Sunday 25th – Second Sunday after Trinity
8.00am Holy Communion BCP 
9.15am Holy Communion BCP         Milborne Wick
10.30am Choral Matins 
10.30am Patronal Songs of Praise   Charlton Horethorne
6.00pm Evensong Stowell

Wednesday 28th
10.30am Midweek Communion 


Sunday 2nd – Third Sunday after Trinity
9.15am Holy Communion BCP          Goathill
10.30am Parish Communion CW
12.15pm Baptism
6.00pm Holy Communion CW          Charlton Horethorne

Monday 3rd
7.00pm Healing Service

Wednesday 5th
10.30am Midweek Communion

Sunday 9th – Fourth Sunday after Trinity
8.00am Holy Communion BCP
9.15am Family Communion             Milborne Wick
10.30am Parish Communion CW
12.15pm Baptism
6.00pm Evensong                          Charlton Horethorne

Wednesday 12th
10.30am Midweek Communion

Sunday 16th – Fifth Sunday after Trinity
9.15am Holy Communion                Charlton Horethorne
10.30am Family Communion
12.15pm Baptism
6.00pm Evensong                           Goathill

Wednesday 19th
10.30am Midweek Communion

Sunday 23rd – Sixth Sunday after Trinity/Mary Magdalene
8.00am Holy Communion BCP
10.30am Parish Communion
10.30am Family Service                  Charlton Horethorne
3.00pm Pet Service                         Milborne Wick
6.00pm Patronal Festival                 Stowell

Wednesday 26th
10.30am Midweek Communion

Sunday 30th –Seventh Sunday after Trinity
Psalm 105.1-11, 45b / Matthew 13.31-33, 44-52
8.00am Holy Communion BCP
10.30am Farm Service Golden Valley Farm, Charlton Horethorne

When the place of the service is not otherwise indicated, it is at Milborne Port.